August Membership Meeting Cancelled


Please note that in consideration of vacations, the Illinois State Fair, and the starting of school, there will be NO August meeting of the Central Illinois Film Commission. Also, due to a change in ownership and renovation of our current meeting site, we are seeking a new location for our monthly gatherings. We will announce the new site prior to our next meeting, which is September 17th. NOTE: Board Meeting in August is Canceled also!!!!

Heroic Age Studios Announces Two “5000 Films” Projects

Since 1992, Heroic Age Studios has been supplying everything from graphic design and animation to full-service commercial, video, documentary and major film production. Having worked with clients like Marvel Entertainment, Dark Horse, Image Comics, Warner Brothers, and Disney – and last year opening their own art center that will host a cutting-edge sound stage – the studio is now launching the newest phase of their business, 5000 Films. 5000 Films is a fresh, innovative approach to making movies whereby fans pledge their support to a specific genre(s), and become part of the film making process.

Membership into each 5000 Films project is $60 annually, but initial funding will be generated through Kickstarter, offering fans various levels of financial support and incentives. By becoming an exclusive member of the 5000 Film project(s) of choice, fans will:

  • Select the name of the movie being produced.
  • Help choose select actors and actresses by voting in on-line screen tests.
  • Access behind-the-scenes video while the film is being made.
  • Have their name listed in the movie credits.
  • Receive an exclusive 5000 Films edition DVD of the movie, along with a VIP invitation to attend a convention built around the movie’s premiere.
  • Vote on the next film to be made (voting to be held at the convention).

Heroic Age Studios is introducing the first two 5000 Films projects. Before launching their Kickstarter fundraising, they are first soliciting the support of movie fans. Check out the two projects by visiting the respective websites below, watch the videos explaining the process, and sign up to pledge your support for the film of choice.

FANATICAL 5000 FILMS - comprised of 5000 passionate film fans from central Illinois who support a community based movie, the first of which is a supernatural romance. 

FRIGHTFUL 5000 FILMS - comprised of 5000 hard core horror fans ready to make a scary movie, the first of which had originally been picked up by Hollywood and labeled as the next “Saw”!


Lincoln Funeral Procession Trailer

Again we thank everyone involved in the filming of the Abraham Lincoln Funeral Procession Reenactment, commemorating the 150th anniversary of our beloved president’s death. We are proud to partner with the city of Springfield on this documentary, which is scheduled for release in 2016. Here is a trailer, produced byGreg Nevitt, giving you a sampling of the powerful impact this event had on our community.


42 Members Captured Memories for “The Ages”

DEW_0129DEW_0152 DSC_0089Steve Giddings and Diana Dugan captured the above and below great shots. We are in need of a member or non member that is proficient in Adobe After Effects, to create a fantastic opening. Tony and Greg will edit the rest of the 300 plus hours of video. Please contact: Dean Williams @ 217-529-1555 if you can help.Cannons21

Members of The CIFC Final Planning Session of Coverage

IMG_1952 (2)Photo from the final meeting of the 38 members of the Central Illinois Film Commission, who were asked by The City of Springfield to document by stills and high definition Video cameras  ”The 2015 Lincoln Funeral Coalition”.  With 30 cameras, placed all along the route, a complete visual diary of every moment of the once in a life time event will be recorded for all time. We were honored to be asked to be part of such a momentous occasion  and are all looking forward to this weekend. So be looking for 38 members wearing the CIFC Clap Board tee shirts and give them your thanks.