Election of CIFC Board Members


There are five Director positions up for election. These positions will be selected by a vote of our membership at the meeting December 17.

Eligibility for election or continued service as a Board member is contingent on being a current paid member of the organization. To be eligible to serve as a Director you must also be at least 18 years of age.

Regular attendance of monthly Board meetings is expected of Directors.

If you are interested in serving on the CIFC Board of Directors, you must contact Secretary, Barb Hopgood, prior to the December meeting at (217) 496-2355 or jbhopgood@yahoo.com

November Guest Speaker

Presentation1Central Illinois Film Commission member, Bishop Stevens, will be returning to the film commission on Nov. 19. He has been out of the area over the past 6 months filming several studio films, as well as national television commercials.

While away, Bishop has also attended several workshops on the auditioning process, which he credits with helping to land several acting roles.

Bishop will share what he has learned with CIFC members as guest speaker at the November meeting, November 19. Topics he plans to cover will include :

  • Common audition mistakes
  • Preparing for your audition by video and face-to-face
  • Do’s and don’ts  during your audition
  • Training for “cold read” auditions

Don’t miss this opportunity to hear what Bishop has been up to lately and take advantage of what he has learned in the process.


November CIFC Meeting

The November meeting of the Central Illinois Film Commission will be Thrusday, November 19, starting at 7:00 p.m. The meeting will again be held at Montvale Retirement Estates, 2601 Montvale Drive, Springfield (see map below). See you there!


Annual Route 66 Film Festival

Route-66Mark your calendars for November 6-7 because the 14th annual Route 66 Film Festival is once again being held in Springfield. The festival will feature independent films from the United States and around the world.

The festival will be held at the theater adjoining the Capital City Bar & Grill, 3145 S. Dirksen Parkway, Springfield. More information about the festival is available at www.route66filmfestival.net. Tickets are available online at:


Volunteers are always welcome. Contact the festival organizers at:

P.O. Box 5010, Springfield, IL 62701   E-mail: route66filmfestival@gmail.com   Phone: 217-679-1834

Casting Call

unnamed 2Dinner With The Family (stage dinner theatre production)
Experienced actors for Fall bookings.
4 females ages 20 -35 something
8 males 20-35 something
Non Experienced male & female
Considered if willing to learn and rehearse when required
Pay will be given based on the intake of paid patrons to the production and other required payments to the location for the productions.
This can be as I know it to be some 3 productions pre-orders that have developed in the recent weeks.
Its fun and its been a local hit and in Chicago as well. A 1935 Gangster Plot of a WHO DONE IT.
Please contact me of your interests and interviews will follow, local rehearsals here.
Greater Springfield, IL area for the performances.

Casting Call

FEMALES: 20-30 AGES: 4-5
Height , Weight ,Requirement
5’5 -5’9
Pre – Production for P R for movie.
Models and Actors …both can apply.
Asian models/actors are needed for roles/models are very welcomed to apply.
20-30 AGES:4-5
Weight, Height, Requirements
Models/Actors both can apply
Asian models/actors are needed for and are very welcomed to apply.
Location shoots for MODELS /ACTORS Appx. 70 miles outside of Springfield, Il in a State Park.
Signed releases are required for photo shoot…!
Allowances for transportation can be applied for.
There are no lines for anyone, its solely based on scene deployment’s for the roles to be filled later. (Model Shoot Only)( Actors can also double as models)
More information will be supplied if your are selected.
Fall & Winter Outdoor shoots.
Credits and your photos can be part of your resume .
Contact: Robert Bartel
Circus Maximus Entertainment Group
Director & Writer


DEW_0261 (2) DEW_0207 DEW_0309 DEW_0357DEW_0108 DEW_0014 DEW_0060 DEW_0056DEW_009511219537_882810135089175_6783242603677378052_nDEW_0152,Out of 71 entries in The Illinois State Fair Twilight Parade, we won Second Place, thanks to the help in building the float, of Steve Giddings, Chrystal Page and Linda Lou Long. Dean Williams supplied all of the props and drapes and Laura Richter posted all of the casting and information for the contest. Liz Zalar (Audrery Hepburn as Holly Goliightlly, Bob Petitt (Marlboro Man), Bill Bailey (Spider Man), and Laura Richer ( Voted The Best Marilyn Monroe ever) – were the cast. Twenty members of the Central Illinois Film Commission were walkers. Great job everyone as tens of thousands of on lookers saw the pride of the CIFC. DEW_0199 DEW_0309 DEW_0277 DEW_0325 DEW_0214 DEW_0345 DEW_0140 DEW_0141 DEW_0199 DEW_0260 DEW_0171 DEW_0365 DEW_0207 DEW_0368

Heroic Age Studios Announces Two “5000 Films” Projects

Since 1992, Heroic Age Studios has been supplying everything from graphic design and animation to full-service commercial, video, documentary and major film production. Having worked with clients like Marvel Entertainment, Dark Horse, Image Comics, Warner Brothers, and Disney – and last year opening their own art center that will host a cutting-edge sound stage – the studio is now launching the newest phase of their business, 5000 Films. 5000 Films is a fresh, innovative approach to making movies whereby fans pledge their support to a specific genre(s), and become part of the film making process.

Membership into each 5000 Films project is $60 annually, but initial funding will be generated through Kickstarter, offering fans various levels of financial support and incentives. By becoming an exclusive member of the 5000 Film project(s) of choice, fans will:

  • Select the name of the movie being produced.
  • Help choose select actors and actresses by voting in on-line screen tests.
  • Access behind-the-scenes video while the film is being made.
  • Have their name listed in the movie credits.
  • Receive an exclusive 5000 Films edition DVD of the movie, along with a VIP invitation to attend a convention built around the movie’s premiere.
  • Vote on the next film to be made (voting to be held at the convention).

Heroic Age Studios is introducing the first two 5000 Films projects. Before launching their Kickstarter fundraising, they are first soliciting the support of movie fans. Check out the two projects by visiting the respective websites below, watch the videos explaining the process, and sign up to pledge your support for the film of choice.

FANATICAL 5000 FILMS - comprised of 5000 passionate film fans from central Illinois who support a community based movie, the first of which is a supernatural romance.

FRIGHTFUL 5000 FILMS - comprised of 5000 hard core horror fans ready to make a scary movie, the first of which had originally been picked up by Hollywood and labeled as the next “Saw”!


Lincoln Funeral Procession Trailer

Again we thank everyone involved in the filming of the Abraham Lincoln Funeral Procession Reenactment, commemorating the 150th anniversary of our beloved president’s death. We are proud to partner with the city of Springfield on this documentary, which is scheduled for release in 2016. Here is a trailer, produced byGreg Nevitt, giving you a sampling of the powerful impact this event had on our community.