ASG Casting Inc

We are looking for families in California, Philadelphia & Chicago that have at least 1 child that is 7-9 years old. This project does require 2 adults. The 2 adult dynamic can be grandparents, aunts, uncles, close family friends, neighbors, etc.

Here are some additional details:

Interviews will be held via Skype on the following dates:
  • Thursday 7/27 & Monday 7/31
  • Possible 2nd interview in person on Thursday 8/3 in North Hollywood (or via Skype if not local to LA)


The first & second preliminary interviews are on a voluntary basis; if selected to return on 8/11, you will be compensated $600 for approximately 6 hours for each family member & certain participants can earn even more.
Selected candidates will be asked to participate in one or more of the following activities in Los Angeles on 8/11:


Dance Class, Pilates Class, Yoga Class, Nutrition Class, Dance, Massage, Meditation, Tai Chi

If you or someone you know is interested, please submit the requested info below to:

1. The full names of all candidates & where you are located
2. Ages of all candidates that are minors
3. Contact info for all adults (include emails and phone numbers please)
4. Social Media handles of all adults
5. Photos of all candidates, candid shots are fine, no headshots
6. Preferred Skype dates / times
7. A brief description of what you do for a living and for fun as a family, tell us about your active lifestyle. 
Take a look at the flyer. This is going to be a lot of fun!!!
Skype Interview slots are filing up fast. 
Be sure to send in your family’s submission ASAP! 


Robert Bartel Writer, Director for
CIRCUS MAXIMUS PRODUCTION are casting for roles as follows:
Production for this performance is as follows. ( PAID )
(Male actors) I will consider those who want to get a start with acting.
1. Elliott Ness
2. Pretty Boy Floyd
3. Baby Face Nelson
4. Clyde
5. Deranger
6. Machine Gun Kelly
7. Al Capone
Casting for females
Have cast 3 for the production
Ma Barker, Suzy Martin
Bonnie, Gloria Perry
Need female for ALIEN drop into as a cameo GAG
Makeup Artist will need to Makeup entire cast for ZOMBIE roles.
Robert Bartel Writer, Director.
I have a producer for the show and he has location and food catering service
I need to start pre-productions with my cast asap.