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    • Directory Searching:Directory searching input boxes are below the menu options on the left sidebar. Directory searching is available on most all pages within the system and provides a convenient way to search your directory. Directory searching comes in two varieties, Quick Search and Advanced Search. Quick Search and Advanced Search as defined here:
      • Quick Search:
          • Quick Search provides a simple and convenient way to search your directory. The list box below Quick Search allows you to search either the Entire Directory or a subset of your directory for those directory entries belonging to a specific group
          • To search for directory entries, type text into the keyword search box and click Search.
        • To show addresses beginning with specific letter of the last name, click on an index letterĀ 
          • If you click on a letter where there is no match for the last name, you will get the next address after the letter you entered.
      • Advanced Search:
          • Advanced Search provides a more granular searching capability. You can search within two groups instead of just the one which is available in the Quick Search style.
          • You can search for matches of directory entries by the following specific fields: Keywords, Last Name, First Name, Nickname, Job Title, Supervisor, Organization, Division, Department, Shift, City ,State and Postalcode.
        • The specific fields that are available in your Advanced Search are configured by your directory administrator.